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Property and Casualty Adjusting

Property and Casualty adjusting are our forte. We specialize in taking the extra care needed with each claim no matter how large or small. Our Adjusters are trained in all aspects of property and casualty claims from start to finish and are here to take the stresses off you.

Large Loss Adjusting

Whether it’s a typhoon damaged financial institution in Guam, a manufacturing plant in Ohio or a large homeowners loss, you can rest assured that you will be professionally represented by Strongrich & Associates, Inc. Our team of large loss specialists knows how to handle each step accordingly, from assembling a team of experts to establishing immediate lines of communication. We are here to bring you a peace of mind when dealing with these hefty claims.

Business Interruption

At the heart of most commercial losses is the exposure to earnings loss, extra expense and loss mitigation. At Strongrich & Associates, we understand the complexities of these exposures and know exactly how to handle them. We believe that the Insured knows their business better than anyone and that their best interests are served by doing what they do best. From day one, we work diligently with the Insured to make the process smooth for everyone.

Appraisals Under the Policy

In today's litigious environment, demands for appraisal under the policy are on the rise. This can be a cost effective vehicle to resolve value disputes. More and more courts are recognizing the availability of these provisions and are recognizing that the core issue in litigation is essentially a dispute in value. From the insurer's perspective, it is certainly a more cost effective strategy than proceeding with litigation, then settling on the courthouse steps. It is our position at Strongrich & Associates that “splitting the difference” is not the right answer.

Umpires in Policy Appraisals

Hand in hand with the demand for policy appraisers is the demand for appraisal umpires. Strongrich & Associates is the umpire of choice for many insurers, attorneys and adjusters.

Expert Witnesses in Loss, Damage and Coverage Litigation

At Strongrich & Associates, our solid expertise and understanding of insurance claims issues, such as actual cash value, best practices and broad evidence, set us apart and provide a valuable strategic tool for the successful resolution of your litigation concerns.

Specialty Loss Adjustment

We also provide our adjusting services to the following specialty loss claims:
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Boiler, Machinery & Equipment
  • Agricultural/Livestock
  • Electronic Data

  • Professional Liability